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New AMOS features
by David Mudrák - Monday, 31 August 2015, 4:57 PM
Language pack maintainers

Three new features are now available in AMOS at

Filtering outdated strings only

The AMOS Translator filter now contains new filtering option outdated strings only (MDLSITE-4158).

Outdated strings (i.e. strings that were updated in the English language pack but not updated in your language pack) can lead to extremely confusing or misinforming UI as the meaning of the text might have changed. It is one of the essential duties of language pack maintainers to regularly check for outdated strings and sort them out (either by amending the translation or marking the translation as up-to-date).

Up to now, outdated strings could be found only together with the missing strings. Which made it easy to miss them. The new widget allows you to find outdated strings only so that you can focus on them.

Filtering existing translations only

The translator filter now also contains new filtering option translated strings only (MDLSITE-4159).

This option is particularly useful in certain scenarios, such as when maintaining a child language pack (e.g. the French - Canada variant). In these scenarios, it is sometimes desirable to actually find all strings provided by the language pack - e.g. to see how they are different from the translation provided by the parent language pack.

Ability to delete existing translation from the language pack

Language pack maintainers now have an option to untranslate a string - i.e. to remove it from the language pack completely (MDLSITE-2310).

There are certain situations when this is needed, e.g. again in child language packs when the string should fall back to the parent translation.

Big thanks to everybody involved in reporting, discussing and testing these new features. Hope you find these additions useful!