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2.2beta new strings

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Re: 2.2beta new strings
by David Mudrák - Wednesday, 23 November 2011, 11:55 PM
Language pack maintainers

something able to show the replaced string (if any) with it's translation ?

Well. If we move or rename strings identifiers without changing the string text itself, we use so called AMOScript in the commit message that instructs AMOS to execute the same change in all language packs. You may not even notice it but a significant amount of strings were already moved in AMOS (it is possible to use AMOS Log feature and find all commits with the source 'amoscript' that affected your language). In 1.x times, whenever the string was moved or renamed, translators had to re-translate it so this is really huge improvement.

However, when a string is replaced with something else, it actually is a new string and is reported is missing (if the stringid is new, too) or outdated (if the stringid is kept).

I do not think this particular case (like the one you reported) happens so frequently. And given the amount of UI and background code changes to support this cross-strings relations, I do not think it happens in any near future.