Using AMOS tool for language pack translation

General forum for questions and problem reports about using the AMOS toolkit for language pack translation.

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IT курс 0 Бекболат Тургынбаев
New languages for workplace 5 Ralf Hilgenstock
In French word Error not translated 3 Nicolas Martignoni
How to disable saving while typing 4 David Mudrák
How to edit a dead child language 4 German Valero
plugin 2 Ban She
Being able to select non standard components easily 4 Séverin Terrier
Moodle app version 3.6.1 ready for translation 1 Ralf Krause
Picked the wrong language, how to fix the mistake 1 koen roggemans
Nepali Contributor 2 David Mudrák
AMOS improvement proposal: give language pack maintainers "mark as outdated" capability 6 Iñigo Zendegi Urzelai
Could you help translate MoodleNet in your language? 10 Bohumil Havel
Moodle app version 3.6 ready for translation 3 Bohumil Havel
Traduccion al castellano del pluggin tutorialbooking 8 German Valero
Traduccion al catalan del pluggin tutorialbooking 0 Carlos Díaz
Hardcode language string in block_myoverview 1 David Mudrák
Traducción al catalán y al castellano del pluggin “Offlinequiz” 10 Carlos Díaz
Moodle Mobile App 4 David Mudrák
Hard-coded English language strings in site footer ? 2 German Valero
Discussions in native language about Moodle translations? 4 Helen Foster
where to translate activity and resource names? (modulename or pluginname) 6 Hakan Demiralp
Plugins with coding errors, whose strings are not available in AMOS 2 German Valero
How can I make sure a string is not used anymore? e.g. cannotrestoreadminoredit | core_error 1 Matteo Scaramuccia
pack content mismatch 4 David Mudrák
How to review latest integrations in a language pack? 5 Iñigo Zendegi Urzelai
block_course_overview categorized as standard plugin 3 David Mudrák
How to easily see outdated or new strings in all plugins you use? 6 Séverin Terrier
String Identifier can not be found 11 koen roggemans
fa language is not available 2 Payman Zafar
Amos bug 9 Nicolas Martignoni
Bug - AMOS trancates trailing simple quote during upload! 1 David Mudrák
How to identify plugins worth translating 4 German Valero
3.4 | privacy:metadata:assignment_submissions:data2 | mod_assignment 4 Károly Fábricz
translator's filter settings 2 Károly Fábricz
String with plus character in key doesn't display in AMOS 7 Nicolas Martignoni
English fixes allowed for standard plugins only 3 Stamos A. Spiliotis
How to translate “{$a}” 1 Jeff Forssell
I'd like to start working on ja_kids 3 koen roggemans
String identifier not showing 1 Nicolas Martignoni
New contributed AMOS features available now 4 Bente Olsen
Moodle Mobile 3.4.0 available for translation 11 Ralf Krause
Notify student instead of students 2 Miki Alliel
String not translated in Moodle site 1 Matteo Scaramuccia
String need to end with a space, AMOS doesn't allow it (Moodle mobile) 11 Vadim Dvorovenko
Is there a new syntax for writing addresses for Moodle 3.4 ? 1 Helen Foster
Lang pack not updated 8 Bente Olsen
Importing multiple files into the stage 15 koen roggemans
Moodle desktop chooses the wrong language for displaying my site 6 German Valero
Moodle Mobile Dashbard share string with "Repository plugin name" 3 Jens Gammelgaard
Typo in DEV English string but plugin is not available in en_fix 2 German Valero
Public list of pending contributions 3 David Mudrák
Moodle Mobile 3.3.1 available for translation 3 Nicolas Martignoni
My language pack think it is a child language of a missing parent lang pack! 5 Helen Foster
Contribution mail about committed contribution 2 Bente Olsen
Moodle Mobile 3.3.0 available for translation 11 koen roggemans
How to propagate strings to other Moodle versions when contribution already committed? 8 David Mudrák
Can a language have more than one maintainer? 1 koen roggemans
Percentage of language strings translated 1 German Valero
Moodle Mobile 3.2.1 ready for translation 5 Juan Leyva
greylisted string in use: core_error/cannotfindgroup 1 David Mudrák
Staging outdated strings? 1 David Mudrák
Cannot insert \ in translator 1 David Mudrák
How can I clip my translated strings into 30 string packages? 3 Joost Elshoff
Moodle Mobile 3.2.0 ready for translation 3 Nicolas Martignoni
Translating Moodle HQ screencasts on YouTube 3 Mary Cooch
AMOS improvement proposal: add string sorting options 0 Iñigo Zendegi Urzelai
Moodle Mobile 3.1.3 ready for translation 1 German Valero
AMOS does not recognize some string variables. 2 Brice Errandonea
How can I download my translation from the translator? 3 koen roggemans
How to identify words that must NOT be translated inside all strings 6 David Mudrák
Moodle Mobile 3.1.2 new strings available for translation 2 koen roggemans
Translating CLI scripts 0 Dan Poltawski
User tours for Moodle 3.0 and 3.1 can be translated 5 German Valero
The use of * to make ul's in lang strings 4 Bente Olsen
Meaning of % characters in %price% %currency% 3 koen roggemans
I need a new permalink 3 German Valero
Moodle Mobile 3.1.0 new strings available for translation 4 Nicolas Martignoni
New 'Restriction by language plugin' for Moodle 2.7 16 Nicolas Martignoni
Moodle Mobile 3.0.0 new strings available for translation 3 Mustafa Ameen
How to download a lang pack from third party module 1 David Mudrák
Where to download lastest AMOS source code? 6 Matteo Scaramuccia
How to make effective in my moodle page the translated plugin? 3 German Valero
Moodle Mobile 2.9 available for translation 2 Nicolas Martignoni
Moodle Mobile 2.8 ready for translation 2 Nicolas Martignoni
Translating moodle plugins repository 2 Séverin Terrier
Moodle Mobile 2.7 strings available for translation 4 Juan Leyva
Translating the subtitles from MoodleHQ Youtube 6 German Valero
English terms: same meaning or different? 2 Pertti Metsänheimo
Moodle Mobile 2.6 strings available for translation 3 Juan Leyva
AMOS odd behaviour 3 German Valero
AMOS has more than 1 million strings translated 2 Daniel Neis Araujo
Hardcoded English strings in 3.0DEV 2 German Valero
Problem with new DEV English string 4 German Valero
How to check placeholders integrity in translations 8 José Miguel Andonegi Martínez
Permission for plugin maintainer for their own plugins 12 Katarzyna Potocka
AMOS integration 4 Clem Smith
Regarding Moodle Set up 0 Ahmedul Kabir
Moodle Mobile 2 new strings available for translation 7 Juan Leyva
I'm just making sure If this correct: "Add from the question bank at the end" 2 Miki Alliel
UNTRANSLATED ERROR showing up 2 German Valero