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AMOS portal is back again

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AMOS portal is back again
by David Mudrák - Tuesday, 13 March 2012, 10:54 PM
Language pack maintainers

Hi! The AMOS portal has been closed for a while due to some issues in one of the processing jobs running in background. We hope that the bug has been fixed so the portal is up and running again, greedy for your translations!

For those who are interested, a short description of the recent problem follows. If you are subscribed to the Notification of string changes forum, you probably noticed that the forum started to produce a lot of spam on Friday. Unfortunately we did not realize until Saturday morning (CET) when the portal was immediately shut down to be analysed. It turned out that there was a bug in AMOS code - in the part that looks after processing and registering changes in the English language pack (that is distributed together with the Moodle source code). The bug caused that under certain circumstances, the change of English strings was detected repeatedly by AMOS. That is, the detection script fell into sort of end-less loop and was producing string notifications each time it was executed as a cron job. After the situation was known, the fix itself was not that hard (but it took a while to be sure we know what the heck is going on here).

So, thank you all for being patient and sorry for all that spam that eventually landed in your emails.