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New AMOS version available

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New AMOS version available
by David Mudrák - Tuesday, 11 January 2011, 10:34 AM
Language pack maintainers
I just installed a new AMOS version that brings several important improvements. The new features are not documented yet (I am going to work on that tomorrow) so at least shortly.

Contributing to a language pack should be now much easier for both contributor and the language pack maintainer. The main AMOS menu now contains a new section Contributions. This new tool tracks translations submitted by community members.

Users can simply submit their stage to language pack maintainers. That creates a new contribution record and automatically sends an email to language pack maintainers to inform them that there is a new translation submitted. Maintainers can stage translated strings attached to the contribution record and review them and eventually commit. They can mark the contribution as Accepted or Rejected. The contributor is notified by email on the process. Contributions can be commented.

This new subsystem replaces legacy pull requests and public stashes. During the upgrade, AMOS tried to re-construct contribution records from pull-requests. However, language pack maintainers may experience that there are some "new" contributions listed now after the upgrade even if they were already included already. That might happen if AMOS detected that some strings were left in the contributed pack even after it was rebased.

I hope these improvements will make contributing to Moodle 2.0 translation much easier. Please report any problems should they appear.