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AMOS update
by David Mudrák - Wednesday, 10 December 2014, 4:08 AM
Language pack maintainers

A new AMOS version has been deployed to this site introducing couple of improvements.

A malicious bug in generating ZIP language packages has been fixed. The bug could cause some translations of additional (contributed) plugins missing in language packs. Credit goes to Bohumil Havel for reporting issues with the custom front page of that was repeatedly loosing the Czech localisation.

Language pack maintainers are now notified about pending contributed translations. Pending are contributions left in the "New" or "In review" states for longer than a week. Maintainers are supposed to review all incoming contributions and mark them as "Accepted" or "Rejected". The checker task runs daily. The notifications are sent via e-mail by default but you can configure it via the standard messaging settings. The first run of the new checker is supposed to happen in couple of hours - you may see quite a few messages coming to your inbox.

Comments added to a particular contribution are now sent via the messaging, too. Thanks to Séverin Terrier for reporting this feature request MDLSITE-1958 and sorry it took so long to implement it. This will hopefully turn the comments into actually useful communication channel. The contribution author and the language pack maintainers are subscribed implicitly. There is no support for explicit subscription. If there are multiple maintainers of a single language pack, and the contributed translation has a reviewer assigned, only this assignee gets further notifications about the comments (so other language pack maintainers are not spammed any more).

And finally, AMOS does not send notification about the start of the contribution review any more (it was not really useful information). The contribution author is still notified if the contribution is explicitly rejected or accepted.

Thank you all for your awesome work on translating our lovely LMS smile