Using AMOS tool for language pack translation


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by David Mudrák - Wednesday, 28 September 2011, 11:42 PM
Language pack maintainers

This is an announcement regarding the changes in the file lang/en/ This file contains strings that are used at site. Moodle HQ team is currently migrating all specific stuff to a local plugin. So the string file is going to be moved from to local_moodleorg.

In AMOS, there will be just one version (branch) of that file available. It will be 2.1 for now and when upgrades to 2.2, we will change the version in AMOS respectively.

I am going to move the component to local_moodleorg during the weekend for all languages. Translators (language pack maintainers) should make sure that their 2.1 branch of contains all available translations. Use the merge tool at the stage page if you want to copy missing translations from one branch to another.

Please have the 2.1 version of branch prepared by Friday September 30 20:00 UTC. After this time, I consider myself allowed to drop all other branches from AMOS without any chance to restore the data.

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Re: TRANSLATORS HEADS UP - file changes
by Andrea Bicciolo - Thursday, 29 September 2011, 1:31 AM
Language pack maintainers

Hi David, thanks for this info, I checked the Italian strings in the AMOS 2.1 branch, it appears all strings are in place, so I think you are safe moving 2.1 to local_moodleorg, then dropping from 2.0 and previous branch.