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AMOS repository clean-up and the new snapshots repository at github

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AMOS repository clean-up and the new snapshots repository at github
by David Mudrák - Tuesday, 22 November 2011, 8:21 PM
Language pack maintainers

Hi everybody.

I would like to inform you that AMOS at this site has been upgraded to a new version containing the code contributed by Aleksey Avdeev. Aleksey prepared a set of patches that clean Unicode control characters from the translation and make sure that the translated strings fit the string format required by Moodle (in terms of end-of-line characters, maximum number of running empty lines etc). I would like to thank Aleksey a lot for his contribution - it is actually the first community contributed code to AMOS itself!

Must be said that I modified Aleksey's patches a bit. So I should be blamed for all eventual regressions and other problems. I hope there won't be much of them.

Language pack maintainers should know that the filter might unintentionally break some translations if we did something wrong. Especially in non-latin languages, we were not able to check the resulting changes much. Language pack maintainers might want to quickly check the introduced changes.

To review the changes, you can now use the new Git repository of Moodle translations. Every hour, when AMOS generates ZIP language packs, it also submits their contents to a repository at You can use github webpage directly or (if you are familiar with git) make a clone of that repo and check the changes at your local machine.

In case you spot something weird, do not hesitate to let me know via forum or tracker.

With regards for all your work on Moodle translations,