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Contributed plugins are now automatically imported into AMOS

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Contributed plugins are now automatically imported into AMOS
by David Mudrák - Wednesday, 5 September 2012, 4:55 PM
Language pack maintainers

Good news! Almost all contributed plugins published in Moodle Plugins Directory have been imported into AMOS and are ready to be translated. As a part of MDLSITE-1836, changes were made on both AMOS and Plugins sites so that these two are now integrated.

From now on, whenever a maintainer publishes a new version of their contributed plugin, strings are automatically sent via a web service to the AMOS. This process respects the supported Moodle version setting so the strings appear at the correct Moodle branch in AMOS.

This works for new plugins that will be uploaded into Plugins in the future, too. With the exception that the strings appear in AMOS only after when the plugin is approved as a part of its validation.

This new mechanism works for all plugins that were uploaded into the Plugins directory and are written for Moodle 2.0 and higher. Contributed plugin maintainers are now encouraged to transfer all their current code to this new scheme:

  • The plugin code itself should now contain just the English strings in the /lang/en folder.
  • All other translations are to be maintained via AMOS and you as the plugin maintainer do not need to look after them any more! Translated strings for contributed plugins are part of the standard language packs generated by AMOS.
  • If your plugin code currently contains some translation, you (as the plugin maintainer) should submit it as a contribution into AMOS prior to dropping it from your plugin's source code. AMOS stage page provides a form to upload strings from an existing PHP file. You are supposed to import all non-English string files you currently have shipped with your plugin (eg. /lang/cs/yourmodule.php) into the AMOS stage and then submit them language pack maintainers.

We believe that this new procedure will make translation of contributed plugins much easier than it ever been - for both the plugin maintainer and translators, too.

Should you have any questions regarding this new feature, do not hesitate to ask in AMOS support forum at this site.

Thank you all for you great work on contributed plugins and their translations!