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AMOS portal runs at Moodle 2.4

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AMOS portal runs at Moodle 2.4
by David Mudrák - Saturday, 8 December 2012, 12:12 AM
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As you may have noticed, the site was upgraded to Moodle 2.4! Also, the AMOS itself got a bit of development love. Some underlying YUI3 modules were polished and improved. Beside that, there is now a new search box available in the translator filter form. It allows users to quickly search for a component.

As the list of available components is getting longer and longer, it may be annoying to look for the one to work on. So now you can just start typing the name of the component into the search box. The list of available components in the list will be filtered so that it contains just those having the search term somewhere in their name.

For example, if you type "worksh" into the searchbox, the list of available components will contain just mod_workshop (the Workshop module) and all its subplugins. If you press the "All" link now, only those filtered components will be selected.

We hope that you will find this small improvement useful. Should you spot a regression of the upgrade (at the site or in AMOS), please do not hesitate and report it either via the tracker or in the forum here.

Thanks for all your hard work on translating Moodle!