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AMOS threw exception invalid_parameter_exception

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AMOS threw exception invalid_parameter_exception
by Joseph Rézeau - Friday, 9 November 2012, 12:35 AM

Hi all,

I uploaded a new version of my Question behaviour: RegExp Adaptive mode with Help to the Moodle plugins repository.

Everything went well, and the new version was available, but at the last moment of uploading I got this error message:

Plugin strings update in AMOS
Error: AMOS threw exception invalid_parameter_exception: Invalid parameter value detected

It took me some time to find out that my English lang file had been saved as some older Windows code, instead of UTF-8. I fixed it and re-tried my uploading to the plugins repo, and everything went OK that time, including pushing the en lang strings to AMOS.

Of course I was quite guilty to have included that non UTF-8 lang file in my plugin in the first place.blush But these things happen, and when they do, it would be nice if the plugins repo interface gave more info.

1.- Is it possible for the plugins repo to detect the wrong encoding of a lang file? If yes, then a more relevant error message could be displayed "Please encode your lang files in UTF-8".

2.- When this kind of error is detected and an AMOS error is sent out, whether it is more "relevant" as suggested in #1 or not, it would be nice to have a "Continue/Cancel" choice so that the plugin author can choose to continue uploading or cancel in order to revise the problem and upload later.