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Strings for the new front page

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Re: Strings for the new front page
by German Valero - Saturday, 1 February 2014, 12:08 AM
Language pack maintainers

Hi Helen,

Thanks for your prompt response and the tips wink.

I have updated the Documentation for the spanish translation of the 'About Moodle' page.

Martin's recent additions to the 'About Moodle' page have certainly illustrated Moodle virtues very clearly smile. Maybe a few links for some of the major individual features mentioned there might be nice (eg: replace 'forums, wikis, chats and blogs' for  '[[Forums]], [[Wikis]], [[Chats]] and [[Blogs]]' ) .|

Maybe you could consider sending a Moodle message (and/or a regular E-mail) to all AMOS translators, to invite them to prioritize the translation of the local_moodleorg strings at AMOS.

I wrote a comment at about a couple of minor suggestions for the frontpage.

So far, the new frontpage looks great.

Thanks again for your help.