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General aspect: Use of quotes für titles

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General aspect: Use of quotes für titles
by Ralf Hilgenstock - Monday, 4 August 2014, 5:18 PM
Language pack maintainers


I know this is not the best place for this suggestion, but I would like to start discussion here.

We saw several strings where placeholder are in use for titles of activities or plugins. Mostly they are not set in quotes. In some cases its not easy to understand the sentence. It will be much easier if this titles are set in quotes.  We are going to change the German translation all the time when we find such a situation.

Attached a screen  where we did this.

If the placeholder is used for a number or a user name or a role its not sensefull. But it makes sense if its the the title of an activity, a plugin (sometimes) or a section.

If you agree with this we should think how we can suggest it to the developers.