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Top 10 community contributors

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Top 10 community contributors
by David Mudrák - Wednesday, 2 March 2011, 7:31 PM
Language pack maintainers

At the moment, we register 680 contributed translations submitted by the community members. Many thanks to all who help the language pack maintainers this way. Here is a list of top ten users with the most contributions submitted: Jarosław Wagner (80), Ivana Bosnic (53), Alenka Zabukovec (50), Hlynur Helgason (36), Javier Sola Aréchaga (31), Александр Анисимов (28), Bohumil Havel (22), Clóvis Teodoro (20), Alberto Medeiros (20) and Tona Perisic (20).

*) Please note that the count represents the number of contributions, not the number of actually translated strings or whether the contribution was accepted or not (or to what extend).