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AMOS maintenance due to branching

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AMOS maintenance due to branching
by David Mudrák - Friday, 1 April 2011, 1:19 AM
Language pack maintainers
As you may have noticed, there is a new branch for the future 2.1 version created in the Moodle Git repository. The process of branching must be reflected in AMOS, too - exactly as if the translations were stored together with the code. This is going to happen tomorrow.

The new 2.1 branch will fork off the current 2.0 version. All 2.0 translations that will have been being already committed in the AMOS database by the time of branching, will become part of the new 2.1 branch automatically. From that moment, translators will have to maintain both branches in AMOS separately. Don't worry, there is merge tool available so that you can work on 2.0 translation and copy your work over to 2.1 easily.

Running the branching process in AMOS will take some time so please expect the site downtime on Friday 1st April.