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Translating the subtitles from MoodleHQ Youtube

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Re: Translating the subtitles from MoodleHQ Youtube
by German Valero - Monday, 7 December 2015, 11:44 AM
Language pack maintainers

Hi Mary,

I tried Amara at and I did not like it much: It makes me write and time each line...

I think there might be an easier/faster method:

  1. Go to the screencast you will translate firstly: (new question types).
  2. Choose ... More 
  3. Chose Transcript
  4. Copy all the transcript (with timing)
  5. Paste into any text editor.
  6. Translate from English into your own language, overwriting the original English language strings but keeping the timing.
  7. Check for typos and fix if needed.
  8. Copy everything.
  9. Paste it in a new (temp) page in your Moodle Language Docs ( ).
  10. Write Mary and kindly ask her to check, approve and upload the translation as a (Mexican spanish) Moodle HQ approved translation smile
  11. Nicely ask Eloy LaFuente to check if this translation would also work for international spanish or to change as needed.

I hope it works... as long as there is a working English language transcript available for the Hard of Hearing.

Please comment smile