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Non mantainers colaboration

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Non mantainers colaboration
by Daniel Neis Araujo - Wednesday, 25 August 2010, 9:03 PM
Language pack maintainers


how are the things going for colaboration of non mantainers? Reading the documentation i saw that AMOS was planned to allow interaction of some people with no commit privileges, but let the strings staged across sessions for the mantainers to accept (or edit) and commit or reject.

I've searched in the tracker but found no issue about this functionality, so i am asking here how is it going and also offering my help to discuss and implement the system, if needed.

Also, while it is not ready, how can we handle contributions for 2.0 from new people?



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Re: Non mantainers colaboration
by David Mudrák - Wednesday, 1 September 2010, 12:40 AM