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not understanding "multiple contributions"

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not understanding "multiple contributions"
by Joseph Rézeau - Monday, 29 October 2012, 7:34 PM

Hi all translators!

For my own contributed blocks, I have started moving the existing translation files from my github repo to AMOS, as recommended. This is what I just did and I am confused as to the resulting "My Contributions" display screen.

  1. Using the AMOS Translator tool I filtered: Languages: French; Components: block_lesson_feedback and I filled in - by hand - the 8 "missing strings".
  2. Then I clicked "Submit to maintainers" and wrote a short comment (in French) for the French lang maintainer (Nicolas Martignoni).
  3. Then I filtered Languages: Czech; Components: block_glossary_export_to_quiz and I filled in - by hand - 19 out of the 28 "missing strings". There remain 9 strings (mostly Help strings) which have not yet been translated into Czech and of course I cannot translate them myself, not being a Czech speaker.
  4. Then I clicked "Submit to maintainers" and wrote a short comment in English for the Czech language maintainer (whom I do not know).
  5. Now, when I look at my Contributions, this is what I see:--
  6. Does this mean that the French lang maintainer (Nicolas) will be notified of my contributions to the Czech language? Is not contibution ID #4701 superfluous? Did I do anything wrong?
  7. And why is the Assignee column empty? Should it not automatically display the name of the appropriate Language maintainer?


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Re: not understanding "multiple contributions"
by David Mudrák - Monday, 29 October 2012, 8:44 PM
Language pack maintainers

Hi Joseph

I am the Czech lang maintainer. I believe this is what happened: after the step 2, those 8 strings for the French were kept in your stage. The step 3 added some more strings in Czech. So the stage contained both French strings and the Czech strings in the step 4. AMOS in this case splits all staged strings into chunks per language and submits them all individually for contribution (using the same subject message for all of them).

So Nicolas received those 8 strings submitted again and I got those Czech ones.

Assignee column is empty until the maintainer explicitly assigns the contribution to themselves (clicking at "Start review" or "Assign to me" buttons). That is intentional feature. AMOS automatically informs maintainers about new contributions but it does not assign them.

If you run into the same situation again, you may want to

  • either clear your stage before working on another language
  • or prepare the translation for all languages and submit them at once - AMOS would split the stage into chunks per language and dispatch them for inclusion