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Hi German:

I just had a quick look to the international Spanish Language pack. It has the logical problems derived from human errors (the same ones I found in the Basque language pack).

Some examples:

  • Some texts use entities (for instance  ). This kind of pre-UTF8 characters are allowed for HTML but not for XML. In a proper TM, they are removed, so, you could do it with a text editor Search and Replace utility (I use Notepad++). May be we could avoid using entities and change those texts (some of them are in the original English text) but I don't think it is a big problem.
  • You will get errors derived from unclosed tags (for instance missing </p>)
  • I have seen many tags like this: <P>Example</P> I am not sure if it is valid, but I would change them (see this post) .
  • You will get an error in Checkmate if you open a tag in uppercase and close it lowercase.

I did that cleaning in Basque language pack (and in some few wrong source English texts) and I encourage to do it in other language packs as well.



Hi German:

I have just seen your message. It's nice to see the post in the FAQ area. smile

I have just updated the tutorial. Now it's here.



Hi German:

I use this trick to check for integrity:

  1. Load the language pack in la local instance of Moodle
  2. Load the language pack in the custom translation tool
  3. Run the sql instance in the attached file (tm_generator.txt)
  4. Insert the result of the query in template.tmx file

The result is a translation memory that can be analysed  with Checkmate.

The problem: probably you will get many errors due to some characters that are not allowed by Checkmate so you will have to remove manually some translation units. After doing it, you will get a report with some possible errors (see the attached image).

Of course, it would be great to have an integrated quality check system in Moodle.