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Long list of contributions in review state

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Long list of contributions in review state
by koen roggemans - Thursday, 17 May 2012, 6:06 PM
Language pack maintainers

Dear Translators,

There is a long list of new and accepted contributions in the contributions list. Going through them, I noticed that for a lot of them, the strings are already in the language packs. 

Please don't forget to click on accepted after you accepted a contribution. That notifies the contributor that the contribution is accepted and makes the contributions filtered out of the contributions list.

Note that strings from contributions that are not commited, (so new or in review, but not committed yet), will not show up as translated, which can lead to double work. Please keep time between new and accepted as short as possible.

Let me make use of the opportunity to thank youa all here for the excelent work everyone is doing on localising Moodle! Every kid and every student should have a learning invironment in their own language. For minority languages this is even vital for the culture.