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pack content mismatch

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Tárgy: Re: pack content mismatch
by Károly Fábricz - Tuesday, 10 July 2018, 3:25 PM
Language pack maintainers

Perhaps this will help to identify the issue.

1. Dowloaded the recent hu pack for a review

2. Searched for text id "configforcelogin" in versions from 3.0 up to current

3. Received 14 hits

4. None of the hits contains the typo "ckezdőoldalát" found in the downloaded "configforcelogin" string

5. What I cannot understand is what causes the discrepancy between the recent dowload and the recent state stored in Amos.


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Re: Tárgy: Re: pack content mismatch
by David Mudrák - Tuesday, 14 August 2018, 4:45 PM
Language pack maintainers

I am sorry Károly but I cannot reproduce this problem.

I checked the 3.5 package downloaded from and the file hu/admin.php does not have that typo.

As per the timeline for that string, that typo has been corrected since November 2013. Also in the backup repository of language packages it seems the string has always had the right spelling "kezdőoldalát" on the 3.5 branch.

It is a mystery to me how you could get that typo in a downloaded package.