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AMOS recent updates

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AMOS recent updates
by David Mudrák - Friday, 17 June 2011, 8:00 PM
Language pack maintainers

Hello everybody,

this is an announcement of the recent AMOS updates.

  • AMOS now generates 2.1 language packs - see
  • We have a new fix-drift CLI script available that checks for eventual drift between the Moodle Git repository and AMOS strings repository.
  • There is a new diff tool available at the stage screen called. See the "Compare strings at two branches" section at (given that you have no strings staged). The tool compares all strings at the two selected branches. If there is difference in English or/and in the translation on the branches, both versions are staged. You can then use "Edit staged strings" feature to review and fix the changes as needed.
  • The list of staged strings is now displayed in the same order as in the translator.
  • The highlighting of changes at the stage screen has been improved - the inline differences are now displayed using the common this is oldthis is new notation.
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Re: AMOS recent updates
by Vadim Dvorovenko - Saturday, 18 June 2011, 7:13 PM

Hi, David.

I'll write here about some problems and ideas, not of them refering your last updates.

1. Improved diff-tool sometimes is confusing. It's especially when looking at string where was changing only order of words. I would rather prefer to have a switch for disabling this diff-tool and looking at old interface.

2. Sometimes when translating or looking at submitted translations i found strings, that are outdated, or incorrectly translated. But some of them are to huge to translate them immediately, so i wish just mark it as outdated to return to it later. Is it possible, to create flag for marking string outdated in translator? (only for green strings) Opportunely found, that "mark as up-to-date" string is not translatable).

3. Often, when loking at submited translaions i have to unstage a lot of strings. (It's much better to commit 70 good strings and unstage 30 bad, than describe in comment wich 30 are translated badly and reject all 100 strings). I'll be verythankful if it could be maked with ajax, without waiting for page reload. It does not matter, if it can be made on translator page or on stage page.

4. As a one more improvement (needed if enabling ajax for unstage action on stage page, but not in translator), i would  prefer to move from stage page by double-clicking on translated string to translator, containing just this strings, or containing all staged strings, but focused on clicked.

5. More then month ago i've written to "" with question about creating two branches (children languages) for russian language (RU_UNIVERSITY and RU_SCHOOL) but still does not have any reply. Is this email actve?

6. One of our enthusiast have made translation of strings more than month ago, but we these strings still does not appear to site. How often does langpacks updates there? Is there any way to force our langpack update? I hope russing interface helps us enlarge russian comunity. On the other hand, if updates are made so irregulary, we would not have ability to quickly fix translation errors, found after langpack update.

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Re: AMOS recent updates
by David Mudrák - Sunday, 19 June 2011, 9:04 PM
Language pack maintainers

Hi Vadim, thanks for the feedback.

  1. Yes, I can see the point. I would probably implement a switch that allows you see the stage in either normal view or diff view.
  2. Hmm this flagging feature sounds interesting. However I won't probably implement it for the performance reasons. There is already enough to do to find and construct the translator screen itself. I am afraid that some additional checks on strings per user could have negative impacts on the overall translator screen loading. The untranslatable string is a bug
  3. Agree. I have planned to AJAXify the unstage button for a long long time as I can clearly understand the need for it - especially when reviewing a contributed translation.
  4. Yup, I can see the benefit of the "translate only one staged string" feature.
  5. I am not sure about that email address. You may wish to report that request in the tracker instead, choosing the "Languages" as the component.
  6. Again, this should be reported as a MDLSITE bug (like "translations at are outdated") with a suggestion on a regular update.

Please, can you report 1. - 4. as a separate MDLSITE issues in the tracker (using the as the component)?