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Re: AMOS recent updates
by David Mudrák - Sunday, 19 June 2011, 9:03 PM
Language pack maintainers

Hi Vadim, thanks for the feedback.

  1. Yes, I can see the point. I would probably implement a switch that allows you see the stage in either normal view or diff view.
  2. Hmm this flagging feature sounds interesting. However I won't probably implement it for the performance reasons. There is already enough to do to find and construct the translator screen itself. I am afraid that some additional checks on strings per user could have negative impacts on the overall translator screen loading. The untranslatable string is a bug
  3. Agree. I have planned to AJAXify the unstage button for a long long time as I can clearly understand the need for it - especially when reviewing a contributed translation.
  4. Yup, I can see the benefit of the "translate only one staged string" feature.
  5. I am not sure about that email address. You may wish to report that request in the tracker instead, choosing the "Languages" as the component.
  6. Again, this should be reported as a MDLSITE bug (like "translations at are outdated") with a suggestion on a regular update.

Please, can you report 1. - 4. as a separate MDLSITE issues in the tracker (using the as the component)?