Using AMOS tool for language pack translation

General forum for questions and problem reports about using the AMOS toolkit for language pack translation.

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Moodle Mobile 3.1.3 ready for translation 1 German Valero
AMOS does not recognize some string variables. 2 Brice Errandonea
How can I download my translation from the translator? 3 koen roggemans
How to identify words that must NOT be translated inside all strings 6 David Mudrák
Moodle Mobile 3.1.2 new strings available for translation 2 koen roggemans
Translating CLI scripts 0 Dan Poltawski
User tours for Moodle 3.0 and 3.1 can be translated 5 German Valero
The use of * to make ul's in lang strings 4 Bente Olsen
Meaning of % characters in %price% %currency% 3 koen roggemans
I need a new permalink 3 German Valero
Moodle Mobile 3.1.0 new strings available for translation 4 Nicolas Martignoni
New 'Restriction by language plugin' for Moodle 2.7 16 Nicolas Martignoni
Moodle Mobile 3.0.0 new strings available for translation 3 Mustafa Ameen
How to download a lang pack from third party module 1 David Mudrák
Where to download lastest AMOS source code? 6 Matteo Scaramuccia
How to make effective in my moodle page the translated plugin? 3 German Valero
Moodle Mobile 2.9 available for translation 2 Nicolas Martignoni
Moodle Mobile 2.8 ready for translation 2 Nicolas Martignoni
Translating moodle plugins repository 2 Séverin Terrier
Moodle Mobile 2.7 strings available for translation 4 Juan Leyva
Translating the subtitles from MoodleHQ Youtube 6 German Valero
English terms: same meaning or different? 2 Pertti Metsänheimo
Moodle Mobile 2.6 strings available for translation 3 Juan Leyva
AMOS odd behaviour 3 German Valero
AMOS has more than 1 million strings translated 2 Daniel Neis Araujo
Hardcoded English strings in 3.0DEV 2 German Valero
Problem with new DEV English string 4 German Valero
How to check placeholders integrity in translations 8 José Miguel Andonegi Martínez
Permission for plugin maintainer for their own plugins 12 Katarzyna Potocka
AMOS integration 4 Clem Smith
Regarding Moodle Set up 0 Ahmedul Kabir
Moodle Mobile 2 new strings available for translation 7 Juan Leyva
I'm just making sure If this correct: "Add from the question bank at the end" 2 Miki Alliel
UNTRANSLATED ERROR showing up 2 German Valero
Being able to delete own contribution 1 David Mudrák
Ability to download stage or contribution or divide stage 1 koen roggemans
New Amos interface 7 David Mudrák
How should I report errors in source? 2 José Miguel Andonegi Martínez
Generating a translation memory and running a quality test 6 Daniel Neis Araujo
Consider displaying language packs available for a plugin 0 German Valero
What is *DELETED* means? 2 Bayu Widyasanyata
Notification of contribution comments 5 David Mudrák
Catalan: linguistic criteria 4 Maria Pérez
Displaying language packs available for plugins in plugins Database 0 German Valero
Send comments to contributions via email? 2 Daniel Neis Araujo with HTTPS ? 2 Daniel Neis Araujo
Questionnaire strings 6 samuel gonçalves
AMOS Bugs 2 David Mudrák
Percentage of translation process of a language 3 Dinh Lu Giang
Link to most popular plugins (to translate) is broken 1 David Mudrák
Link to language packs downloads is broken 2 Helen Foster
Certificate module can't be translated for Moodle 2.7, 2.6 and 2.5 2 David Mudrák
Remove erroneously committed translation 2 Nicolas Martignoni
Translating an online documentation page 4 Distanti Lefioni Dise
General aspect: Use of quotes für titles 0 Ralf Hilgenstock
So long, and thanks for all the bits 1 Andrea Bicciolo
AMOS UI localization 5 Nicolas Martignoni
Typo in DEV string, must ask developers 2 Helen Foster
no save 2 koen roggemans
lang string 2.7 for checklist plugin 1 David Mudrák
Use Clean (or More) theme at 1 David Mudrák
Wanted: "waiting for approval" strings filter 17 koen roggemans
Magazine 0 Francisco Avila Fuenmayor
Fusion 0 Francisco Avila Fuenmayor
AMOS discrepancy with language download 3 Anthony Forth
Moodle reserved words that should not be translated 3 Mary Cooch
Variables missing curly brackets in various strings 10 Nicolas Martignoni
How many words in the English language pack? 5 Mitja Podreka
whereabouts of Amos string 2 Károly Fábricz
Backslash for TeX is removed 2 Yasuyuki Nakamura
Translating offline 2 Bayu Widyasanyata
More greylisted string still in use 3 David Mudrák
Google Translate service is "out of service" ? 2 David Mudrák
Strings for mobile app 0 koen roggemans
Tierce party plugin: stack translation in french 3 Malik Koné
Strings for the new front page 8 German Valero
"Translations credits" page maintainer 2 Helen Foster
1 day 6 hours - order of noun and numeral 4 David Mudrák
How to add language string for a moduel where ENG is missing ? 2 Vincenzo Giordano
View empty 1 David Mudrák
Correct string won't display in course overview 8 François Lizotte
Translating contributed plugins 2 David Mudrák
Translation Memory - use and create in Moodle using SDL Trados Studio 3 Berdy Ovezmuradov
Booking mod available for download for all branches up to 2.5 but AMOS only has up to 2.3 1 David Mudrák
Criteria for langpacks in download packages 3 David Mudrák
Small changes to AMOS 17 Nicolas Martignoni
Unable to achieve 100% translation 5 Nicolas Martignoni
How to generate a translation memory out of Moodle lang packs 0 José Miguel Andonegi Martínez
Translating in different AMOS sessions 1 koen roggemans
Using translation memories 6 German Valero
Translated string not updated 2 koen roggemans
local_hub for 2.1 only? 0 Ralf Hilgenstock
No AMOS translation for "Other" plugins 1 German Valero
Flickering broad page 1 Jonas Nockert
Graylisted string "enabledockdesc" seem to be used 0 Jonas Nockert
Space/Course for translators 2 Mitja Podreka
Strings that must be changed for each (new) version? 0 Séverin Terrier
Update AMOS documentation (CVS to Git) 1 Séverin Terrier
My translated language file not import 1 German Valero
How to equalize strings on both versions (2.3 and 2.4) 4 Nadav Kavalerchik